Voters Not Politicians continues push to fight gerrymandering


LANSING, Mich. (WLNS)—The Michigan Supreme Court denied a new redistricting timeline request from The Michigan Independent Redistricting Commission that proposes new political maps.

The Michigan Independent Redistricting Commission held its first round of public hearings because they believe people should be able to have full control to draw district boundaries because proposal 2 passed in 2018.

The group Voters Not Politicians says the move will create a fair, impartial and transparent process for voters.

“Voters Not Politicians and other nonprofits across the state are involved in deep engagement what the process looks like,” said Nancy Wang, The Executive Director of ‘Voters Not Politicians,’ “we did mapping workshops over months, our partners being able to testify lead the way.”

Wang focuses on redistricting and voting rights across the United States. An online portal exists as a result of the Independent Citizens Redistricting Commission efforts to draw new maps, and that’s what Proposal 2 was passed to do.

Michael Li serves as senior counsel for the Brennan Center’s Democracy Program. Li’s work focuses on redistricting, voting rights, and elections across The United States. Li watched Michigan’s legal process from the recent court ruling and followed ‘Voters Not Politicians’ stance in Michigan ever since 2018.

“Michigan was one of our record 6 states that made some kind of redistricting reform since 2011,” Li said. “Gerrymandering was one of the most aggressive in the country from states like Wisconsin, Ohio, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Virginia, and elsewhere.”

Proposal 2 was originally approved in 2018, and it passed in 61 percent of Michigan’s counties.

“Red, blue, large, small, purple, you name it every kind of county it passed,” Li stated, “that really I think is a reflection of how much this issue resonates with people.”

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