Voters question transparency in Clinton and Trump campaigns


(WLNS) – Lack of transparency from both Presidential candidates are raising questions from voters and could affect outcome of the general election.

The Clinton campaign dealing with questions surrounding her health, while Trump is skating around the issue of his tax return release.

Many of those voters with questions are in Michigan, a state quickly becoming a priority swing state in the Presidential race.

With less than 2 months away before the November 8 election, Michigan voters have a lot on their minds, and this year, may play a key role in choosing the nation’s next President.

“We are more likely to be the tipping point in who wins the national election,” Michigan State University Political Scientist Matt Grossman said.

Grossman says in swing states, even minor issues can have an impact on which party wins the votes.

According to Bernie Porn with Epic MRA, Donald Trump’s decision not to release his tax returns sends a clear message to voters.

“There’s more for him to lose, in terms of what could be disclosed, than there is to gain by not disclosing them,” Porn said.

On the Democratic side, Clinton is casting some doubt as well, as she faces unanswered questions about her health.

“The more open you are, the more transparent you are, the more engaging you are with the media, the more you are able to overcome that,” Porn said.

Despite these transparency concerns in both campaigns, when it comes down to getting votes that aren’t already locked in to one party, Grossman says, it’s really the debates that offer a platform to win a significant shirt in support.

“To potentially speak to people who aren’t already supporting one of the candidates, or don’t have a strong partisan identity,” Grossman said.

Both Porn and Grossman will be among the Michigan voters with their eyes on the debate later this month, which Grossman says is expected to draw more than 100 million views.

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