KENTWOOD, Mich. (WOOD) — As wildfires rage in Hawaii, a West Michigan woman is worried for her daughter’s family who has been evacuated from their home.

Maria Orr got a call from her daughter Kayleigh, a graduate of GRCC’s Sechiia program, Tuesday night. At that time Kayleigh, her husband and their two children were still safe, yet scared for their lives and home in Lahaina. Since then, winds and Maui’s wildfires continue to wreak havoc and have forced the family to evacuate.

“It was heartbreaking. Just seeing their daughter, who was getting in the car, saying she didn’t want to die,” Orr said. “That was really heartbreaking to see that and her not knowing.”

Their daughter was supposed to start first grade on Wednesday; however, her school has since burned down. The family has found refuge at a friend’s condo north of the wildfires, but Orr told News 8 that the wind and wildfires continue to be unpredictable and they’re not out of danger yet.

“There’s so many things that need to be taken care of there. They don’t have jobs now. I mean no tourists, they’re sending all the tourists off the island. She works at a hotel that depends on tourists,” Orr said.

Orr created a GoFundMe page to help support her family as they start to rebuild. As of Friday afternoon, it has raised over $18,000.

Seven members of Michigan’s American Red Cross were deployed to Hawaii this week to help with relief efforts, according to David Olejarz.

“Some will be involved in sheltering, others will be involved in reuniting families and loved ones,” he said.