LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) — Around 160 Michigan schools plan to participate in a Walk and Roll to School day. A day when students are encouraged to take an alternative route to the classroom.

Locally, students at Bennet Woods Elementary in Okemos have their turn to celebrate.

“I think this is a great chance to just try it out and test it to see if it’s for them,” Adam Jenkins, Safe Routes to School Program Coordinator told 6 News. “I think in a lot of cases, especially for students that haven’t had that opportunity they immediately see the benefits of being social in the morning with their friends and getting active and having this sort of a physical activity before they start their day.”

Jenkins said walking or biking to school is not only beneficial to the health of students but also demonstrates a demand for safe pedestrian paths around the community too.

“The hope down the line is that we would be able to expand that network of pedestrian paths and sidewalks and expand opportunities for students to walk all the way to school rather than relying on a remote drop-off situation,” Jenkins said. 

In the meantime, Jenkins said students who walk or bike to school are more attentive in the classroom, get an increase in physical fitness, and automatically improve air quality around arrival and dismissal areas.