Warmer weather means early pothole season


So far, we’ve only had a few weeks of real Winter, but the warm weather means an early pothole season.


It’s the one word, we all try to avoid, especially with our cars.

But for those who directly see the impact, the damage is all too common.

Usually, it’s you ruin a tire, you bend a wheel, but if you hit hard enough, there’s suspension parts that can get damaged and bent, says Service Writer at Goodyear Auto Service Center, George Szypula.

Szypula says, you should check your tire pressure on a regular basis.

And though you shouldn’t swerve around potholes, they can cause some serious damage, not just to your car, but also to your wallet.

“A crack in the aluminum wheel, there’s nothing unfortunately you can do other than replace the wheel,” says Szypula.

The warmer temperatures means a longer pothole season for Michigan drivers.

One that Bud White, Superintendent at the Ionia County Road Department says, melting ice will make worse.

“You get that frost freeze affect under the blacktop, and then with high volume traffic, when that starts to thaw, the water starts to pump out of the road surface and that’s what creates the potholes, says White.

White says, the road department is doing their best to patch up the holes, but it’s not an easy job.

“Once the road surface starts to dry out and you get a dry pothole, that winter mix does work fairly well, but it’s pretty challenging right now with the temperatures first warming up real quick like this, it’s pumping a lot of moisture out of the road surface,” says White.

If you see a large pothole, there are ways you can solve the problem, like calling your local county road department, or going online to their website to report it.

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