WASHINGTON (NEXSTAR) – President Joe Biden recognized four military heroes on Tuesday by giving them the Medal of Honor — a gesture meant to thank them for unique acts of bravery during their service.

The Medal of Honor is the nation’s most prestigious decoration for military service.

In a ceremony at the White House on Tuesday, President Biden awarded the medals to Specialist Five Dwight W. Birdwell, Specialist Five Dennis M. Fujii, Major John J. Duffy and the late Staff Sergeant Edward N. Kaneshiro.

“They stood in the way of danger and risked everything, literally everything, to defend our nation and our values,” Biden said.

He recounted how each of the veterans risked their lives to save fellow service members during the Vietnam War, more than 50 years ago.

“But time has not diminished their astonishing bravery, their selflessness in putting the lives of others ahead of their own, and the gratitude that we as a nation owe them,” Biden said.

He says the recognition is not only well-deserved, but also long overdue.

“We’re setting the record straight. We’re upgrading the awards of four soldiers who performed acts of incredible heroism,” Biden said.

The president also mentioned how Congress helped make this happen by ordering a review of historic actions by Asian Americans, Native Americans and Pacific Islanders who served in the Vietnam War, to make sure all of our country’s heroes are acknowledged.

“I want to also thank the members of Congress who helped make this possible and ensure that the United States lives up to our promises that for those who give their best for our country, we’ll always, always give our best for you,” Biden said.