WASHINGTON (NEXSTAR) — This week, dozens of top government officials and others tested positive for COVID-19 after a high-profile Washington dinner last weekend.

Sen. Susan Collins, R-Maine, and Sen. Raphael Warnock, D-Ga., are the latest victims.

Possibly the highest profile positive case — Speaker Nancy Pelosi. She abruptly canceled her weekly press conference after testing positive on Thursday.

Friday, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki acknowledged President Biden could be vulnerable.

“Like anyone, the President may also test positive for COVID-19,” said Psaki.

Shortly before testing positive, Speaker Pelosi was spotted hugging and even kissing the president on the cheek.

Thursday, the Vice President’s communications director also tested positive.

The Vice President and the President have since tested negative.

“The Vice President wore a mask inside today, when she was both with the President and with her staff,” Psaki said.

She said what’s most important is the President is prepared.

“He has taken a range of precautions, as we all have, but he’s also taken steps like getting his second booster, as he did last week.” Psaki said.

Earlier this week, Chief Medical Advisor to the President Doctor Anthony Fauci said the fourth shot is proven to prevent serious illness or death.

According to the Speaker’s office, Pelosi is fully vaccinated, boosted and only experiencing mild symptoms, as are most others who reported positive cases.

The White House says the President will continue his public schedule.

“His doctors are comfortable that he can carry out his duties,” said Psaki.

That continued Friday when the President held a rather large gathering on the south lawn of the White House to celebrate the confirmation of justice-to-be, judge Ketanji Brown Jackson. There was some concern that the event could end up being another super-spreader event, as was there not many masks outdoors.

There are no public events for the President today. He is back home in Delaware for the weekend.