LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) — Former President Donald Trump is the first in U.S. History to serve as the commander in chief and then be charged with a crime.

Even though Trump’s situation is unprecedented, experts said the extra attention could actually help the former president in his re-election campaign.

Matt Grossman, a professor of American politics and public policy, said that the impact of Trump’s indictment on American politics is still unknown, especially because Trump is still running in 2024.

Most Republican presidential candidates are gearing up for the primary election, meanwhile, Trump is preparing for a legal battle.

“It could hamper Trump’s ability to campaign as he’ll have to be places to face trial,” Grossmann continued.

Grossmann added that even with the announced indictment, Trump’s supporters are not phased. Technically speaking, Trump is still eligible to run for president.

“To the extent that we have early polling, it looks like he’s actually improved among Republican primary voters,” Grossmann said.

Prosecutors charged Trump with 34 felonies, with other details remaining sealed for the time being.

Criminal attorney Madelaine Lane said that Trump likely won’t take a plea deal or face jail time because the charges are non-violent.

But when it comes to picking a jury, could Trump’s political status play a part?

“What the job of the prosecutor, the defense attorneys, and [the] judge will be is to find potential members of the jury that can promise, even though they know who he is, to put that out of their mind and not allow it to impact whatever decision they ultimately make in the case,” said Lane.

But back to politics, Trump’s legal troubles may keep him busy, but some experts say that any press is good press for Trump.

“This brings him back to the middle of the news cycle. It also forces a lot of other Republicans to be asked about him, and that might mean an advantage going into a presidential primary contest,” Grossmann said.