DANSVILLE, Mich. (WLNS) — Turtle hatchlings were released back into their natural wetland habitat Thursday after being rescued as eggs along the path of Consumers Energy’s Mid-Michigan Pipeline Project.

The 56 adorable baby turtles came from eggs of adult female turtles safely removed from the pipeline path during summer and were incubated and nurtured by Michigan organization Herpetological Resource and Management.

Turtle hatchlings gathered from the path of Consumers Energy’s Mid-Michigan Pipeline Project. (Photo/Consumers Energy).

That summer, HRM rescued and incubated Eastern Snapping, Midland Painted and Blanding’s turtle eggs.

Thursday’s release included 39 Eastern Snapping turtles, 12 Midland Painted juveniles and five Blanding’s turtles, according to a release by Consumers Energy.

Blanding’s turtles are a protected species in Michigan and are being considered for federal protection. Several Blanding’s hatchlings that were rescued and incubated will continue to be cared for during winter at the HRM facility.

“This work is not just about following the permit requirements, it is about doing what is best for the wildlife in the area, and we continue to be grateful for partners that help us do that,” said Chris Fultz, Consumers Energy’s vice president of gas operations.

You can watch a video about the turtle hatchlings and the project above.