WACOUSTA, Mich. (WLNS) — The Lansing area really isn’t used to seeing a wild black bear.

But that’s not the case anymore.

6 News sales employee Ernie Hedberg captured the video above while on a golf cart drive around the neighborhood Friday night.

“And we drove right up on him, I couldn’t even believe it. I was thinking ‘I don’t have my cell phone I can’t believe it.’ and I reached a little further and I did have my cell phone so I rolled some video,” said Hedberg.

The bear has been lingering for about a week along the Looking Glass River.

“One of our neighbors down the way, they said that the bear had gotten into their back yard and literally knocked, they have a bird feeder on a pole, and he knocked the whole pole down,” he said.

Department of Natural Resources officials say the black bear likely came from the northern lower peninsula area.

“This time of year in the spring and summer months, a lot of young bears will move into new parts just to establish a new home range and a new place to live,” said DNR wildlife outreach coordinator Rachel Leightner.

They say to deter the bear, people should remove bird feeders and other easily accessible food sources for the next couple of weeks.

“And so once it finds that bird feeder it’s most likely to keep returning because it’s a really healthy meal for the bear and we don’t want to encourage the bear to continue to seek out these food sources near our homes,” said Leightener.

And if you encounter the bear and feel uncomfortable, you’re encouraged to contact the DNR’s Rose Lake office to file a report.

But our Ernie Hedberg wasn’t scared at all

“I was kind of excited I wanted to turn right down the driveway and kinda get a little closer and get another shot of him, but my wife was not having that at all she’s like ‘oh no you’re not, you’re staying right here,