UPDATE: Read a breakdown of the meeting here.

LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) — The MSU Board of Trustees is meeting Friday morning after a tense week that saw Trustee Briana Scott send a letter calling for Board Chair Rema Vassar’s resignation or removal.

In a letter to her other MSU trustees, Scott accused Vassar of “violating the board’s rules of conduct and ethics, and bullying board members and administrators.” She also encouraged the board to remove Vassar as chair.

Dan Kelly, chair of the MSU Board of Trustee’s Audit, Risk and Compliance Committee, announced there would be an investigation into the allegations against Vassar earlier this week.

Also noteworthy about the meeting is the attendance of Brenda Tracy, the rape survivor and sexual assault activist who reported former MSU football coach Mel Tucker for sexual harassment, leading to his termination.