LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – The Ukraine crisis has sparked national tension. President Joe Biden described Putin’s invasion of Ukraine as a dangerous moment for all of Europe.

This was before he revealed several sanctions to target the economy of Russia.

A Michigan history professor is comparing Ukraine’s invasion to the crisis in World War 2. He told 6 News the basic similarity was a quick invasion by an unprovoked leader.

The professors say how Russia handles the US sanctions will play a role.

“This is the largest movement of military forces since World War 2,” said Associate Professor of Russian History Aaron Retish.

Retish teaches at Wayne State University.

“In many ways, there are disturbing similarities. This was unprovoked, it was done by one leader for his own gain and disturbed understanding of the international world. It is naked aggression on national sovereignty and there are limited international forces that are stopping him,” he said.

“In one way there is only one parallel and that is 1939.

To see Retish’s full analysis, take a look at the video above.