WEB EXTRA: Dealing with headaches and migraines


Are you bothered by headaches and migraines?

Doctors are talking about those problems as part of their awareness month in June.

Most people have dealt with a headache.

More specifically, a tension headache, where the pain was felt on both sides of you head.

A migraine, however, is a headache usually felt on one side of the head.

Unlike a tension headache, migraines can cause nausea, vomiting and the desperate need to spend the day in a dark, quiet room.

Doctors say as the season changes, some people misdiagnose themselves.

Dr. Amit Masih, headache physician at Sparrow Pain Management  says, “Patients will feel like it is actually an allergy-related headache or it is a sinus problem. They will go to a doctor or an allergist and get prescribed meds. But sometimes it might just be a migraine or a tension headache that is located in the sinuses.”

As for treatment of headaches, doctors say it really depends on each patient.

For people with fewer than four a month, medicines like Tylenol, Ibuprofen. and Excedrin are prescribed.

If that doesn’t work there are stronger medicines that you and your doctor can explore.

In the extended web extra video above Dr. Masih has more on headaches.

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