What does “Brexit” mean for Mid-Michigan?


LANSING, Mich.( WLNS) – Thursday’s decision by the British government to leave the European Union could potentially affect the United States in a number of ways from the economy, to our relationship with the European Union and even the race to The White House.

“We are connected we are interconnected. The decisions that take place in Britain and Europe do affect us here given the degree that the economy is integrated,” said Matthew Zierler, Associate Professor of International Relations in the James Madison College at Michigan State University.

If you have any money invested in stocks or a 401(k), you’ll likely take a hit in your wallet.

Zierler says any time there’s an economic uproar in the global market  it threatens to take a bite out of our pocket books.

“The stock markets is always going to affect citizens in terms of their investments their retirement plans just general uncertainty means effects employers especially those who do a lot of importing and exporting,” said Zierler.

Zierler says the unprecedented move won’t happen right away. The legal process of separating and renegotiating the agreement between Britain and the European Union is expected to take at least a couple of years. But it will not affect the long standing- relationship we have with the British.

“First we shouldn’t worry too much. We haven’t lost an ally the British are still probably some of our closest allies in the world,” said Zierler.

But in the short term, Thursday’s decision, may change the way we look at Donald trump and Hillary Clinton as they battle it out on the national state come this November and set the course for the future of our country.

“More broadly for the U.S. it reflects a mood right?  When people who go out to vote on a referendum that’s major it gets people thinking what they want to do,” said Zierler.

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