What drinks pair best with Halloween candy?


Halloween falls on a Saturday this year and it looks like the weather here in mid-Michigan is going to finally cooperate for all of those ghouls and goblins who plan to trick-or-treat.

That’s a great combination for the kids. But what about the adults? Here are some combinations just for you. If you’re planning to snag some of your children’s goodies, we have a guide on the candy that goes best with your favorite drinks.

The New York Wine and Grape Foundation released ideal pairings for a boozy Halloween.

It recommends white wine with Skittles and red wine with Snickers.

For beer lovers, “The Growler Guys” say that a porter goes best with Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. You can also try a Hefeweizen with Twix bars, or brown ale with Kit Kats.

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