What should we expect from President Trump’s State of the Union Address tonight?


All eyes will be on President Donald Trump tonight for his State of the Union Address tonight.

Last year, President Trump touched on topics like safety, economic growth and immigration and some officials think the topics could be the same for tonight.

The biggegst topic that officials think viewers will be waiting for is the wall and border security, something Senator Gary Peters says it’s controversial when it comes down to keeping the country safe.

“There’s no disagreement what-so-ever that we need to have strong borders, it’s a fundamental aspect of the government to keep us safe, and that’s what we do everyday,” said Senator Peters.

Peters added they agree something needs to be done, but coming to the conclusion of what should be done is the question.

“The policy question is how do we do that most effectively, and whether that’s focusing on technology, new border personnel, ports of entry…we need to be thoughtful about that, and that’s the discussion we’re having right now here in Washington” said Senator Peters.

Congressman Tim Walberg from the 7th District agreed with Senator Peters, that border security is vital and that’s not a debate, but how Republicans and Democrats can both benefit.

“How we can come to a solution on borders, and doing it in a way that I think both sides win in the process and America wins most of all,” said Rep. Walberg.

The State of the Union Address will be airing tonight on 6 News at 9 p.m.

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