LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) — Black Friday is just one week away.

Even with sales starting earlier than ever before, the day after Thanksgiving still officially kicks off the holiday shopping season.

If you plan to brave the crowds in search of epic deals on Black Friday, we’re here to help you.

WalletHub surveyed nearly 4,000 deals from the country’s biggest retailers last year and put together a list.

The number one retailer where you can score a massive Black Friday deal is JCPenney, where the average discount is nearly 65% off.

Number two for us would be Macy’s, where you can expect to save about 53% on Black Friday.

Next is OfficeMax — nearly 50% savings there, followed by Kohls at 44%.

Then numbers five and six: Target and Big Lots, where you can save around 33% on Black Friday.

Last Black Friday, Americans spent $66.5 million dollars shopping in-person and $88 million in online purchases.

That shows a bit of a shift.

Historically, Black Friday has been a larger in-person shopping day but that has been changing since the pandemic.

Now, it’s giving Cyber Monday a run for its money — when it comes to money spent.

No matter how you plan to cash in on the sales this year, it’s important to have a plan. Decide what you want and then go for it, because things sellout fast!