LANSING, Mich. (WLNS)– Election Day is a little more than a week away, which means you only have limited time to get your absentee ballot to your clerk if you’re not voting in person.

6 News got the chance to speak with Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel today about what voters should know as the election is just days away.

If you haven’t received your absentee ballot, you’ll want to head to your clerk.

“They will be open during regular office hours and the weekend before the election, they will have to be open for an additional 8 hours just during the weekend, so you can vote right there and say ‘I want to spoil my ballot because I haven’t received it yet,” Nessel says.

Nessel added that there’s really no excuse for people not to vote. “Even if you’re on parole or on probation, you can still vote,” said added.

Even if someone doesn’t have a permanent address or homeless…”some people use a local church that sometimes they go to, or the address of a park that they sometimes hang out in,” she said.

She says there also won’t be a winner announced on Election Day, because absentee ballots can’t start being counted until 7 a.m. Election Day.

“Because of the avalanche of absentee voters that we have this year, we’re not going to have a decision election night, it’s going to take several days likely to count these ballots, the secretary of state is predicting that we will know who the winner is by Friday,” Nessel said.

That’s Friday, November 6th.

“If you hear a campaign, if you hear either campaign say you know before the Secretary of State has announced that the votes have all been counted, well we’re the winner, we won Michigan, but the Secretary of State hasn’t said that, please know it’s not accurate information,” Nessel added.

There have also been concerns from voters about foreign countries interfering in the election…”there is no one computer system that you know a foreign country can hack into and change the results it’s just absolutely impossible for them to do, we have 1,600 local clerks that will count those paper ballots,” Nessel added.

Nessel also says for students who are registered in the city that their school is in, and are now at home, there’s still time to re-register.

If you’re not sure where your clerk is or want to track your ballot, you can click the link here.