What you need to know about tailgating in East Lansing on Saturday


EAST LANSING, Mich. (WLNS)– The wait for MSU football is over, but tailgating at MSU will still have to wait.

MSU officials announced that there will be no tailgating on campus. Captain Chris Rozman with the Michigan State Police Department, said you might not get a citation for tailgating, and they’re going to try and educate people tomorrow about how they can’t tailgate. You could get cited for open alcohol on campus though.

“We’re going take a zero tolerance approach to alcohol as we will issue citations for open alcohol on campus if need be and those citations are a misdemeanor citation,” said Rozman.

Parking lots will also be blocked off across campus.

“We will literally have them closed with barricades and we will have parking lot attendants monitoring those areas, we’re not just saying that, if you come here, there will be no place to park or set up a space for tailgating,” Rozman added.

Students in East Lansing tonight said they’re disappointed that this football season won’t be the same, but they understand. MSU sophomore, Markus Brown said, “I’m for it, I think we should remain keeping the safety in the city, I don’t think we should cluster up in groups.”

Another MSU sophomore, Joe Targett said, “they’re just trying to get kids back on campus and stuff like that, they’re just trying to do their best they can with the whole situation, so I get it, it’s probably a little bit disappointing but I guess we knew that it wasn’t really going to be a normal season of football anyways, so a little disappointing but yeah I get it.”

Steve Gonzalez from the East Lansing Police Department told 6 News, they don’t know what to expect tomorrow and there’s never been a football game without tailgating. ELPD officers will be enforcing a new emergency ordinance for the city of East Lansing. People have to limit social gatherings, wear masks and social distance.

If you are caught violating that ordinance, it is a civil infraction and you can be fined up to $500.

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