Washington, D.C. – The senate acquitted former President Donald Trump, but now, the NAACP and Mississippi Congressman Bennie Thompson are suing him, along with Rudy Guliani and several right wing groups. They are accusing them all of inciting a violent riot.

This comes as House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced she will push for a commission to investigate the January 6th assault on the capitol.

The speaker says the commission would be modeled after the one formed to investigate the 9/11 attacks. That bipartisan panel was created through legislation.
Some House republicans say they support an independent review, but in a letter to Speaker Pelosi, they say she has made decisions without consulting republicans, raising questions about her political motivations.

Republican Senator Ron Johnson appeared on a Wisconsin radio show and questioned many of the reported aspects of the deadly assault, including whether the rioters were armed. Police did seize firearms from some of the members of the mob, and others used flag poles and hockey sticks as weapons against capitol police.