LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – For the first time in nearly 40 years, Michigan Democrats have both chambers of the legislature after the midterm election that was expected to be more red than blue.

“The perfect storm last night produced these historic victories for the Democrats for the first time in 40 years since they controlled all levers of power,” said UofM Director of Debate Aaron Kall.

Kall was surprised to watch results land more in favor of Democrats. He said what lead this charge in Michigan and nationwide were mainly the issues. From abortion access to the price of higher education, he said policies passed both in Lansing and DC appealed to voters, especially students. Kall expects an easier time for more legislation to get passed by the slim Democratic margin.

“Infrastructure, fixing of the roads, the environment. There are a lot of issues the Democrats would like to do,” he explained. “But going all the way to the Supreme Court, Democrats control, you know, they are a narrow majority in the State Supreme Court,” said Kall.

But he warns the ease to pass policy comes with a risk.

“If there is opposition to it, there is clearly one party to blame. And the next opportunity to blame them is 2024,” said Kall.

Kall expects the 2022 midterms to be in the history books for their unusual results. Here in Michigan, he said what happened Tuesday is the nature of swing states.

“It was not too long ago Michigan had a Republican governor and senators and voted for President Trump in 2016,” said Kall.

Kall said moving ahead, Michigan is in the middle of a geographical shift between the two parties and expects more eyes to be watching state politics and the ambitions of state leaders.