Will local businesses thrive this summer now that students are leaving town?


EAST LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – Commencement ceremonies kicked off all across campus this weekend as nearly 8,000 Spartans walked across stage and received their diplomas.

But as they move forward with the next stage in their lives and clear out of town, will it affect local businesses that depend on the larger crowds throughout the school year?

A few local businesses say that although the flow of traffic may be slowing down, that won’t seem to affect their businesses too drastically.

“It slows down but it doesn’t suffer,” said Cathy Illman, Assistant Manager at Collegeville Textbook.

She says her business stays pretty steady during the summer.

“Kids come in for freshman orientation and then they come by the store and sometimes they buy their books ahead of time,” Illman said.

Illman mentioned that “Collegeville Textbook” makes the majority of their money during their book rush.

“That’s basically like 2 to 3 times a year…that’s when we make the most of our money,” Illman stated.

Even “Bruegger’s Bagels,” a popular bagel shop enjoys the less chaotic environment.

“I mean I love having busy days occasionally to keep it ya know going fast and keep something happening but I mean who doesn’t like having a little bit more of a chill day,” Jacob Honkanen, Supervisor at Bruegger’s Bagels mentioned.

For this bagel shop, business slows down but that doesn’t stop them from gaining revenue.

“I mean it really doesn’t affect us too badly luckily,” Honkanen said.

And then for “The Peanut Barrel,” a restaurant/bar that thrives on college students…their loyal customers keep coming back.

“We just continue to see a good flow of traffic regardless of the students being here or not,” Meghan Bell, General Manager of the Peanut Barrel stated.

Although these businesses lack some of the business they would earn when MSU students are in town, shops tell 6 News they’re not too worried about their businesses thriving this summer.

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