LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – Michigan voters are accustomed to getting election results on election night, but that won’t be the case on Tuesday evening.

In fact, it may be 24 hours after the polls close that we will know who won in some key races.

“I am really really worried about what is going to happen on election night,” said pollster Richard Czuba.

Czuba is not alone in his concern.

The person in charge of running a smooth, fair and accurate election is worried too on two fronts.

The first front is potential distractions in and around polling places and the second front is how long it will take to count a mountain of absentee ballots totaling well over 1.2 million.

So when will we know the results for a whole host of contests?

“It will be about a day until Wednesday evening, especially in a close race. We will know the full unofficial results of the election,” said Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson.

Most voters will be Republicans on Election Day, which means after the polls close, based on all those GOP votes, candidate for governor Tudor Dixon could announce she is the winner as well as the Republican candidate for state attorney general.

Around 63% of absentee ballots are Democrats, which will make an impact on the final results of the election.

“It would not surprise me if on election night if the Republicans are leading, Tudor Dixon or Matt Deperno, that they would try to declare victory because it may be a day or two later before the final results from absentee votes are weight in on the total results,” said pollster Bernie Porn.

Just like in 2020 when President Donald Trump falsely declared victory on election night, just to lose to Joe Biden the next day, some Republicans could again allege the election was rigged.

“Anybody declaring a win early doesn’t know what they are talking about,” said pollster Bernie Porn.