WILLIAMSTON, Mich. (WLNS)- A string of unusual thefts were reported in Williamston. Police are searching for a suspect.

Not for stealing a car or a cell phone.

This person is stealing underwear.

“I wouldn’t care if this was taken. But my underwear? That’s weird,” said resident Alexandra Parish.

It’s been nothing but a load of stress for Parish, who lives at Creek Club apartments in Williamston.

“I’m very uncomfortable. Even the police officers suggested me to carry a gun on me if I’m doing the laundry alone,” said Parish.

Yesterday around 6:30 p.m., Parish was doing her laundry while getting some school work done.

But, when she went to put her items in the dryer, the lid was already open and she noticed all of her underwear was gone.

“Our laundry was torn through the underwear were stolen and right as I was talking to the police officer right after this happened, another woman ran up from these stairs saying that her stuff was just stolen,” said Parish.

Parish says a woman in the building across from hers had 12 pairs stolen just last week at a different laundry room in the complex.

Another neighbor says she’s never felt unsafe in Williamston until now.

“It’s predatory since it’s only women’s underwear,” said resident Patricia Relly.

Residents believe the suspect lives there, since the laundry room requires a key to actually get in. The person apparently used a screwdriver to open the washers. He was able to escape through the window, and residents put pieces of wood in front of it because they believe the leasing office is not doing enough to solve the issue.

The Williamston police chief says they are investigating two separate reports.

“I didn’t really think it was real,” said Chief James Wolf. “Always look around before you go to the laundry room. Always check. Go with a partner, go with a friend. Don’t go by yourself,” continued Wolf.

As for Parish, she’s bothered by the whole thing and plans to do her laundry somewhere else.

“They were washed, so it’s not gonna be the grosser side of it. Maybe they’re just wearing it maybe. That’s just nothing we wanna think about.”

Williamston police want anyone with information to contact them right away.