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WIND STORM: Local families cope with the cold and the dark


Many of the families in Okemos have been without power since 11 o’clock yesterday morning.

But even though it may be an inconvenience, residents say, all they can do is take it one day at a time.

“We’ve been heating the inside of the house with a wood stove and we have lots of batteries and battery powered lanterns,” says homeowner, Clark Radcliffe.

Radcliffe is among the thousands of local homeowners relying on batteries and back-up generators today, waiting patiently for his power to turn back on. Overall, he says, he’s doing just fine, he only has a few things to worry about.

“The big concern is actually, stuff thawing in the freezer, because there’s a substantial amount of food in the freezers and neither one of them have power,” says Radcliffe.

But watching food waste away, isn’t the only thing homeowners in this neighborhood have their eye on.

“I brought the generator in this morning, barely in time, because my sump pump hadn’t been on, and water was backing up into the basement,” says homeowner, Jim Woodard.

Woodard says, when the power went out his sump pump stopped working, and living in a high water area, that meant a small flood in his basement. But other than a few small issues so far, families here say they are just riding it out until the lights come back on.

“My son’s a cub scout and my daughter’s a girl scout so they’re actively learning about being prepared, our house always has a flashlight in every room or a candle or something,” says homeowner Stacy Herman.

Fortunately, these mild temperatures aren’t forcing families from their homes at this point. However, some have been told power won’t be back on until Saturday, so that could make for some cold nights without heat.

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