Winter weather driving reminders from the Clinton County Sheriff


Winter’s return made for some tricky driving conditions.

If you stepped outside in this bitter cold, you may have heard a familiar sound.. the howling wind that carries snow across Michigan roadways.

It’s a hazard that Clinton County Sheriff, Larry Jerue says drivers should be on the lookout for.

“Yesterday it’s 57 degrees the roadways were clear, there was no problem at all, we can travel 55 in a 55 mile an hour zone. Today 30 miles an hour is too fast because you don’t have full adequate control of your vehicle at that speed,” says Sheriff Jerue.

The Sheriff says as the wintry weather continues to sweep across lower Michigan, it’s critical drivers take that extra time on the roadways.

“The speed limit is the speed limit for under ideal conditions. Anything that is too fast is considered a violation of basic speed law which means that you’re traveling at a speed that you cannot reasonably control your vehicle,” says Sheriff Jerue.

At mid-day today the Sheriff says his deputies had responded to 24 spin offs and along with those calls for crashes, his deputies were also helping inform salt truck drivers where the more snow-covered areas are.

So what do you do if you find yourself in a slippery situation, Sheriff Jerue says steer in the direction that you’re skidding and try to remain calm.

“Take your foot off the gas, steer into the direction of the skid, pump your breaks lightly. If we over-react or don’t react properly you’re going to lose total control of the vehicle and it could end up very tragic,” says Sheriff Jerue.

The Sheriff says if you do slide off the road, make sure your exhaust isn’t clocked by snow and then stay in your vehicle and keep your seat belt on until police can get there to help you.

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