INDIANPOLIS, Ind. (WLNS-TV) – After Michigan running back Blake Corum had his 2022 season cut short due to a torn ACL, the senior walked into Lucas Oil Stadium for Big Ten Football Media Days sporting a royal blue velour suit and a smile to go along with it.

“I’ve been telling everyone; I feel like a million bucks,” said Corum. “I feel great. I’m finally back. It feels good being back with my guys all summer after a long process of rehab, being on crutches for six weeks; It was a lot, but I’m glad to be back.”

There’s no denying, Corum played an integral role in guiding the Wolverines to their second straight outright Big Ten Championship as well as second straight appearance in the College Football Playoff and when fall camp begins next week, he’ll be out on the field to try and help the Wolverines to a three peat.

“I’m back completely and I’m ready for camp,” added Corum. “My cutting ability, my motion, mobility – everything is great. It’s phenomenal. If anything, better than ever.”

“He looks like two million bucks at the moment,” joked Mike Sainristil. “He’s been doing a great job with his recovery, he’s been attacking the workouts. I’d say Blake looks the best he’s ever looked.”

Before Corum’s season was cut short versus Illinois on Nov. 19, he had rushed for 18 touchdowns. He would go on to finish seventh in the Heisman Trophy voting.

“You know obviously he’s a huge part of our offense so having him back and having him healthy is going to be another great piece to have in our huge puzzle,” said Kris Jenkins. “We’re really excited to have him back because Blake Corum is going to do what he’s always done and he’s going to be the same football player he’s always been.”

Michigan, as a whole, is not focused on last year’s success or even the year prior and they made it very clear in Indianapolis they’re not in the business of talking about their past accomplishments.

“Talk is cheap you know, now it’s about putting in the work,” said Corum. “You know how can we get better day-to-day. You know how can we get better than we were yesterday? Because we know what the end goal is, so we don’t have to talk about it all the time.”

The end goal is a national championship.

For the last two years the Wolverines have been able to check every item off of their list.

Beat Michigan State, check.

Beat Ohio State, check.

Win the Big Ten Championship, check.

The only question now, is what will Team 144 accomplish?