Witness testifies in Jackson Co. trial


JACKSON COUNTY, MI (WLNS) – For the fourth day prosecutors and defendants made their cases in a murder for hire trial.

Three men, Cortez Butler, Rodney McKee and Clifford McKee are facing charges connected to the death of 28-year-old Frances Craig.

Our Alexis Rosado was inside the court room and tells what witnesses had to say.

Donna Marshall tells the court she used to deal heroin with Rodney McKee.

“I know him from, doing things, selling things,” said Donna Marshall, witness.

She says she was looking to get out of selling drugs, and Rodney McKee made her feel threatened.

“That if I didn’t answer the phone that he was going to come.”

Marshall tells the court she received more than 15 text messages and phone calls from McKee, threatening to come to her home on March 3. The very next day she and her son Ryan saw McKee in her backyard.

“I seen him kind of tip-toeing around the house, doing something, and then I seen him with a cup, some kind of a cup.”

Lawyer: “You’re up on the second floor you’re looking down and you see this guy, who used to be your friend and he’s got a cup and there’s something in it right? Your turn.

Marshall: “Well who would bring a cup if there’s nothing in it?”

Lawyer: “So you didn’t see anything in the cup.”

Marshall tells the court, she smelled gasoline and her house filled with flames.

“He burnt my house down, (crying), he burnt it down.”

Prosecutors believe that fire is what lead to the murder for hire.

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