KALAMAZOO, Mich. (WLNS) — One Western Michigan University junior is setting records in the world of paper planes.

For aviation student Evin Cooper, the art of making the perfect paper airplane comes easily.

“I got into origami as a kid, so that definitely plays a factor in folding paper like this,” said Cooper.

Three weeks ago, Cooper found himself in a paper airplane contest on his campus.

After winning the Western Michigan University competition, Evin secured a spot in the running for a national paper airplane throwing competition.

At the national competition, Cooper managed to break a record.

Despite two wins under his belt, Cooper attributes the winning throw to luck.

“I threw it as hard as it could,” continued Cooper. “I don’t know what happened. You know, luck was on my side. It went up perfectly, it crested perfectly, and stayed up for 14 seconds.”

The paper aircraft’s flight lasted for a grand total of 14.06 seconds.

The next stop for Evin? The Red Bull Paper Wings Worldwide Competition.

The college student’s friends were in disbelief that there was even a national competition for paper airplane throwing.

Not to mention Cooper winning a national title.

“I told them I won, it was just, no way, you’re kidding me, you’re joking right now. And I was like, no this is real. I don’t know how I did it, but I got it done I guess,” said Cooper.

Cooper’s next stop is Austria, as he is heading off to compete in Red Bull’s World Final.

“Yeah, to sponsor some college kid to go throw a paper airplane in Austria? I’m beyond grateful for the opportunity,” said Cooper.

One new-found skill is taking a young Michigander across the globe.