Woman convicted in 2002 cold-case Charlotte murder


CHARLOTTE, Mich. (WLNS) – A Charlotte woman has been convicted of murdering and mutilating her stepfather in 2002.

An Eaton County Circuit Court Jury found Ducharme guilty of 1st Degree Premeditated Murder, Conspiracy to Commit 1st Degree Murder, and Disinterment & Mutilation of a Dead Body.

Ducharme’s mother, Beverly, was arrested overseas in 2020 after fleeing from law enforcement. Co-defendant Christopher McMillan pleaded guilty to the murder in 2019, which allowed him to avoid a life sentence.

McMillan said McCallum and Caraballo had an unhappy marriage and that she had talked about killing him.

“They wanted to do it in the basement. They wanted to knock him unconscious and put a bag over his head and suffocate him,” McMillan told Eaton County Circuit Court Judge Janice Cunningham. 

That, McMillan said, is close to what happened in the basement of the Charlotte home after McCallum shoved Caraballo down the stairs. 

“Beverly was yelling to get the hammer, Dineane grabbed the hammer and swung a couple times,” McMillan said. “Beverly was yelling, ‘Give me the hammer, give me the hammer,’ so Beverly ended up with the hammer and she used the hammer and put it in his head.” 

Then came the suffocation. 

“Next thing I know, there was a bag on his head. Beverly had put a bag on his head and Dineane was holding the bag and Beverly was on top of him to keep him from moving,” McMillian recounted. 

They went to the store, got cleaning supplies and cleaned the basement. The body was placed in a trunk and burned, McMillan said. 

Police say McCallum loaded the body of her husband in a van also occupied by her 9- and 11-year-old children and took it to the blueberry field in Ottawa County.

Now at Lakeshore Cemetery in Grand Haven Township, you can find the nameless gravesite where Roberto Caraballo is buried.

Ducharme faces life in prison, without a chance of parole.

As of Dec. 18, WLNS has no updates regarding Beverly McCallum.

CORRECTION: Earlier editions of this article inaccurately report Ducharme as the spouse of Caraballo, when she was his stepdaughter. Additionally, Beverly McCallum was arrested in Rome in 2020, she is not in Pakistan, and U.S. officials are now trying to extradite her.

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