Woman shares art to spread awareness about suicide


CHARLOTTE, Mich. (WLNS)– September 8th is the official start day of Suicide Prevention Week and one woman is helping spread some ‘bright colors’ to other people.

Vicky Mennare has been living with depression most of her life and says it’s been a long journey.

“I lost my dad to suicide in 2010, three days before Christmas,” said Mennare, “after we lost him, my depression got a lot worse.”

After losing her father, she started volunteering with the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, even though she was still fighting her own battle.

“My depression became life threatening in 2015,” said Mennare.

She says she was hospitalized, but starting recovering.

“I had a new therapist, I had new medications, things were going very well, but depression can change,” said Mennare.

Vicky says she relapsed and was back in the hospital, but it was there that she discovered something new.

“I was taught about art therapy and so I colored, and I colored and I colored,” said Mennare.

Then she started painting, then making jewelry, all to cope with her depression.

“I hope that they can look at my art and find inspiration to stay,” said Mennare.

The word ‘stay’ has inspired most of her art and even her business, which is called ‘Still I Stay Designs.’

“While I was hospitalized, I came up with the quote to stay strong, stay kind, stay true, stay you,” said Mennare.

Now, Vicky takes her work to art shows and events. She donates half of her proceeds to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.

Even though Vicky has faced many battles after loosing her father, her loss did spark something good.

“His suicide led me on this journey of hope and healing and helping others,” said Mennare.

The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention is hosting a walk at Hawk Island on September 21st to help raise awareness about suicide.

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