LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) — Two mid-Michigan women want to warn others to stay away from a local tree removal service.

They say someone took their down-payment, but never came back to do the job, and now they want to warn others about a company called ‘Lansing Tree Service Pros.’

However, that’s apparently just one of the company’s many names.

“Anyone considering using this service, don’t unless you wanna give away money for free.” said Dymon Wilson.

Back in February, Wilson began looking online for a tree removal service to get rid of trees in her backyard.

She came across Lansing Tree Service Pros. Wilson says a man by the name of JD Gibson who works for the tree service came by, looked at the tree, gave her a quote and then collected the cash.

“The service all together was going to be $1,200 and he said it’s a 50% down payment, so that’s what I did.”

After that, Wilson says they set a date for the removal, but when the time came, he never showed up. He claimed that his lift broke and said he would come back after he gets it fixed.

“Ever since then he just hasn’t answered or responded. He’s just completely ghosted me,” Wilson said.

Shontia Robinson says the same thing happened to her.

“I don’t even want him to do the work, I just want my $1,300 back,” Robinson said.

She also said that she noticed a few red flags in the beginning.

“One thing that I should have been suspect about was his name when I wrote the check. He gave me JD Gibson,” Robinson said. “He pulled up in two different vehicles, no type of company vehicles.”

On the receipt Robinson says she was given by Gibson, it listed J & l Tree Service instead of Lansing Tree Service Pros.

6 News did some digging and found that there are 9 other tree service names with the same phone number as Lansing Tree Pros.

When we went to the address listed for Lansing Tree Service Pros on West Saint Joseph Street, it led us to this house, where no one was home.

And the other address listed for J & I tree service on Holt Road led us to this mobile home park.

Robinson says she wants others to be careful.

“Just pay attention to who you give your money to,” Robinson said.

6 news reached out to the company.

A man who answered the phone at first said JD Gibson didn’t work there, but then said he’d take a message for him.