LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) — On Aug. 16, Michigan’s Military Heritage Museum in Jackson received “Lulubelle,” a WWII M3 Lee Tank replica, as seen in the 1943 Humphrey Bogart film and the 1995 Jim Belushi film “Sahara.”

Parma resident James Romans is an avid fan of the Humphrey Bogart film.

Upon retiring, he decided to make a full-scale replica of “Lulubelle,” a US M3 Lee Tank used in WWII and depicted in the films.

Despite being completely made of wood, the tank is a full-scale faithful replica of a very rare tank.

Only two units of the US Army ever used the Lee Tank and only for a brief time–one in North Africa, as depicted in the film, and the other on Makin Island in the South Pacific.

Romans, now 93 years old, built “Lulubelle” as a labor of love, and he is donating his work to Michigan’s Military Heritage Museum.

To visit “Lulubelle,” the Military Heritage Museum is located at 311 N Wisner St, Jackson, MI 49202.