LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – Proposals 1 and 2 look poised for approval in Tuesday’s midterm election.

That’s according to a new EPIC MRA poll of 600 likely voters with a margin of error of ±4 points.

Prop. 1 would require state lawmakers and officials to file annual financial disclosure reports and change legislative term limits to a flat 12-year limit in both chambers. It is leading with 66% of respondents planning to vote “yes” and 29% planning to vote “no.”

Specifically, 58% are definitely planning to vote “yes” and 8% are only leaning towards “yes”. About 24% are definitely voting “no” and 5% are leaning towards “no.”

Around 5% are undecided.

Prop. 2, would strengthen voting rights and allow voters to vote without an ID, create state-funded absentee ballot dropoff boxes, require nine days of early in-person voting, and more. “Yes” also has a commanding lead.

Around 68% plan to vote “yes” and 29% plan to vote “no.”

Specifically, 5% are leaning towards “yes” with 63% definitely voting “yes,” and 4% are leaning towards “no” with 25% definitely voting “no.” Three percent were undecided.