Young teens getting COVID-19 vaccine “feel good”


LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) — Today is the first-day children in Michigan ages 12 to 15 can get the COVID-19 vaccine. At Sparrow’s Frandor Clinic, a former miracle child that overcame cancer got his first dose.

Evan Yaney, a 13 year-old that battled with Leukemia for 5 years says he’s ready to see his friends and family.

“I’ve done this 1000 times since I’ve been in the hospital 1000 times. So it didn’t really hurt, I just don’t like needles,” said Yaney. “I got it so I can go to my friends house possibly this week, and so I can go to my grandparents without any worry.”

Despite some initial reservations, his parents decided it was best to get vaccinated.

“I think as parents you always have concerns especially because Evan is a cancer survivor so that’s always in the back of our mind. But I think, I feel relieved that we’re starting to try to get back to normal and everyone needs to do their part and that’s what we’re here to do,” said his mom Wendy Yaney.

With the help of a shot-blocker, which eases the pain of the vaccine for kids, stress balls, and lollipops, Sparrow officials say they are trying to reduce anxiety and make kids feel comfortable.

“Sometimes even just knowing that we are doing something to intervene will help people to feel less anxious. For a lot people they think, they’ve got something to help me so I don’t have to kind of get through this myself,” said Cindy Meteyer, from Sparrow pediatrics.

Mel Hass says she has her kids vaccinated because as a nurse she sees the impact of COVID-19 first hand.

I’m just really thankful I can give my kids some protection to feel safe sending them to school, it feels really to know that my children are going to be protected now.”” she said.

Ingham County Health Department Health Officer Linda Vail says parents should talk to their child’s pediatrician if they have questions, she also says enough research has been done.

“We know that this vaccine is safe and effective. The clinical trials have been done, just like they’ve been done before and we’ve been vaccinating for a month. It’s just a matter of getting those clincal trials in that younger age group to make sure dosing and that sort of stuff still needed to be the same,” Vail said.

Several other locations across Mid-Michigan also started vaccinating kids 12 to 15 today. That includes places like the MSU Pavillion and Lansing Urgent Care. Barry Eaton Health Department is now accepting appointments.

If you would like to get your child vaccinated and you’re not sure where to go check with your local health department.

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