CHARLOTTE, Mich. (WLNS) — Two siblings made a change when it comes to how they learn and they say because of it their lives got better after facing many hardships while in public school.

On Sunday, they graduated from high school, both with honors.

Jeremy and Faith Hattendorf say they had a hard time at a public elementary and middle school.

“I didn’t really like that school because they literally just let me walk down the hallway where i was getting beat in the back,” Jeremy said.

So, the siblings decided to make a change.

“We didn’t really enjoy those schools because the bullying and other people harassing us. I think moving to online school, Great Lakes Learning Academy, really helped with our education,” Jeremy said.

They enrolled at Great Lakes Learning Academy, an online charter school that is tuition free. The siblings say they made the right decision.

“There’s a lot of flexibility with it and that was really cool. I learned kind of how to communicate better actually, because I had trouble with communicating,” Jeremy said.

Sunday, they were handed their high school diplomas.

Now that they are graduates, Faith says she wants to focus on her art, and Jeremy wants to start different businesses.

The two say that also want to let other people know, that online school is an option.

“If they struggle with like social issues and stuff like that, it can really improve their grades and stuff. It’s flexible. yeah. That was a big plus. That was a big plus,” Jeremy and Faith said.