DEWITT, Mich. (WLNS) – There’s a senior on the Dewitt girls soccer team who is going to be getting a little extra publicity thanks to the goal she scored last Wednesday.

It is our 6 Sports Champion Play of the Week.

The Panthers were on the road facing East Lansing, and in the second half Darcy Satkowiak let the ball rip and it found the back of the net! With the wind whippin’ she made sure to take advantage and it paid off for the Panthers.

They picked up the 4-1 win, snapping a two-game losing streak in the process.

“I think our whole team just kind of shifted and our idea of scoring, like it’s a great feeling when you score a goal and we wanted our whole offense to be a part of that,” said Satkowiak.

“Obviously, everyone has more fun when they’re playing offense versus defense. That was our objective. That was our goal going into the game and our team really showed up,” said coach Erica Goodenough.