LANSING, Mich (WLNS) – If you like hard-working athletes making big plays that decide the outcome of a conference showdown, then you’re going to love MSU Softball freshman shortstop, Marissa Trivelpiece.

The old saying hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard is a perfect way to describe Trivelpiece’s defensive performance this past Sunday against Indiana. Trivelpiece is definitely talented but it’s her work ethic is what led to three huge plays.

“Well on the first one, I just remember thinking I was like I can’t let this drop I have to dive at it,” said Trivelpiece. “So that one was just kind of more I mean, I’ve been playing outfield a lot too so it was kinda like oh like outfield practice paying off cause I knew how to dive at the ball. Then the second one was definitely kinda just like right place right time. Then the game-ending one, I mean that was just kind of we were right there so we just talked about earlier there was one in the five six-hole me and the third baseman, Alex Barroso, and we were like ‘oh I think I could have got that ball’ and then it was like the girl heard me and put it there again so that was definitely an exciting way to end the game it was a good team win.”

Trivelpiece’s head coach, Jacquie Joseph, looks to her as an example of the mindset she wants to see in her Spartans.

“There are kids that don’t want any part of that, please don’t hit it to me,” said Joseph. “Marissa’s the kinda kid that wants to be up, wants the ball, she welcomes it embraces it she loves it and that’s why she’s I think has a chance to be a great player.”

Fellow Spartan freshman, Zaquai Dumas, has seen firsthand how hard Trivelpiece works on her craft, staying late after practice to get just slightly better each day.

“Some days I’m like oh you know I’m a little tired, she’s like no you’re staying after like she doesn’t give us a choice,” said Dumas. “We live together, she’s like you’re staying after she does not give us a choice she wants to bring us all along all the time.”

“I always have to be moving, doing something but for me, it’s just kind of staying after just makes me feel better and it makes me feel better too about the other people because we’re all getting the work in that we need to get done and like the extra work,” said Trivelpiece. “I just think it’s really cool how it’s finally starting to pay off for everyone.”

Trivelpiece and the Spartans will host Wisconsin for a four-game series this upcoming weekend. The first pitch of game one on Friday, May 7th is set for 4 p.m.