6 Sports Player(s) of the Week: Fowler’s Riley sisters and the community behind them

Player Of The Week

FOWLER, Mich (WLNS) – Even though it may only have one traffic light and a population of fewer than 1,400 people, the Fowler community has made big news thanks to their girl’s high school basketball team. The shop windows on South Main Street are decorated with support behind the team and the sisters who have helped them have an outstanding season.

Mia and Emma Riley have been dominating opposing defenses as double-digit scorers for the Eagles and have earned our 6 Sports Player(s) of the Week Honors. When we asked the sisters about getting an opportunity to play on the same team and have so much success, they shared how basketball has made their bond even stronger.

“I love playing with my sister we’ve played with each other forever,” said Mia. “We have really good chemistry so we can kinda read each other on the court I’m always looking for her, she’s always looking for me.”

“I’ve been playing with her all my life so feels kinda the same but I really like playing with my sister because we always practice with each other like outside of basketball just like us two and it just helps me get closer to her,” said Emma.

The Riley sisters support for each other continues on throughout the entire Fowler roster, being there to pick their teammates up in times of need.

“They are such good leaders they work so good together and they push everyone else around them,” said Fowler senior Leah Weiber. “If you’re in a game with them and you miss a shot or you make a bad pass they’ll come up to you and pat you on the back and say hey you got the next one don’t worry about it. They tell everyone else be confident in yourself cause I know you can do it.”

When thinking about the way the Fowler community has supported them throughout their great run through the season and into the playoffs, the sisters and their head coach couldn’t be more thankful.

“I can’t thank the student body the parents the relatives the friends and family that come out to support us,” said head coach Nate Goerge. “Regardless if it’s in person or live streaming or doing whatever they can to support the team. It’s been awesome.”

“It’s really exciting it gets the community together and everyone gets excited,” said Mia. “We have sendoffs we just had our locker room decorated by people in the community so it’s really exciting it brings everyone together.”

“There’s always people saying small schools won’t get far and stuff but like I feel like we’re really like go in as far as we can,” said Emma.

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