CHARLOTTE, Mich (WLNS) – Those who perservere can achieve incredible things. The Charlotte Orioles’ junior Annabelle Densmore has persevered through injuries and setbacks in order to break a 24-year-old school record. After tearing her anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) and meniscus her freshman year, then running with a knee brace her sophomore year, and now getting to run free without a brace, her time to break the record had arrived.

During last week’s Jon Nugent Invitational, Densmore ran the 300-meter hurdles in just 47.68 seconds, breaking the Charlotte high school record. So how gratifying was it to finally break the school record, after what she’s been through?

“I just think back like how much I’ve progressed throughout having that and being able to break the record coming from a surgery was really good,” said Densmore.

Her head coach, Jeremiah Jewell, told us what he’s been most impressed by when it comes to Densmore rehabilitation.

“Just that she’s been able to come back and compete at this level a year, well two years later now but even last year she was so close to that record, she’s able to compete at the level she’s at right now it’s, she’s excelling so she’s…she’s doing very well,” said Jewell.

Densmore and her Charlotte teammates enjoy motivating each other to run even faster and break more records and they’ve used social media to keep track of everyone’s achievements.

“We have an Instagram page and we always share like our PRs and like the exciting moments of the track meet so that’s definitely where we see it all,” said Densmore.

“It’s really cool the team chemistry just because of it they’re all you know lots of high praise on that site me and the other coaches follow it too so we can see the meet pictures cause we got one person taking pictures of all the meets and you know posting all the cool pictures on there,” said Jewell. “They always seem to get me in weird funny shots that I didn’t know they were getting so that’s fun. It’s really cool that they’re pushing each other and they’re wanting to do better and they’re sharing it with all their friends.”

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