DEWITT, Mich (WLNS) – When coming into last week’s Michigan High School Athletic Association (MHSAA) girls lacrosse Division 2 Regional Final game against Lansing Catholic, DeWitt senior Caleigh Randall knew she was going to be the primary option for the Panthers’ offense. Like most games, Randall was double teamed from the beginning of the game but she still found ways to help her team score.

Knowing she’s the player most opposing teams will gameplan for, she’s able to distract the defense which opens up opportunities for her teammates to score, making everyone happy.

“It’s fun to like know that I can like rely on my teammates to get me open even though like if I’m being double teamed I can also get them open so it kinda goes both way,” said Caleigh.

“It leads a lot of opportunity for me and everyone else on the team it’s a lot of fun,” said DeWitt senior Madison Garver.

Another senior teammate, Karah Preston, appreciates being able to play with someone like Caleigh who takes everyone into consideration when she’s on the field.

“She really trusts like every single person on the team and that’s awesome like that’s sweet,” said Karah. “She relies on every single person that’s on offense with her and will pass it to someone if she doesn’t want to shoot it and so I think that makes everyone on offense be like okay like we can all do it together she’s not always going to be shooting the goals which is really cool.”

The realization that these are the last few weeks of her high school career is starting to set in and last week Caleigh made sure her teammates knew how she felt about it.

“I gave them actually a speech before the Okemos game last week and it was just about like I’m nervous but I’m not nervous cause like I don’t believe in them but because they’re family to me,” said Caleigh. “It’s just gonna suck for this all to end we’ve accomplished a lot and the last two years have been nothing but the best.”

“She is the reason like we’ve come so far really like she comes to practice every day and like her work ethic is insane I wish I had it,” said Karah. “She’s the reason we start practice on time, every single day she has her watch out and she’s like alright guys you cannot run if you’re not on time so like we would not be here if she wasn’t on the team she’s making everyone else so much better.”