HASLETT, Mich. (WLNS) – In Haslett’s 30-22 district championship win over third-ranked Chelsea, senior Nakai Amachree showed why he’s one of the top running backs in the state of Michigan.

The Bowling Green commit had four touchdowns and rushed for a single-game school record 331 yards, which is why he’s our 6 Sports Player of the Week.

His performance also helped the Vikings capture their first district championship since 2005.

According to ESPN, Amachree is ranked as the 30th best player in Michigan’s class of 2024 and has received 22 Division 1 college football offers.

His performance last Friday wouldn’t have been possible without the blocking from his teammates. Ever since Amachree’s sophomore year, when he became the Vikings’ top rusher, he’s always given his success to the offensive line and other blockers.

His name has been a frequent one on the Dean Trailways 5th Quarter since 2021 and he has grown in several ways since bursting onto the scene.

“I would say I’ve grown the most in my cutability,” Amachree said. “I’ve always had decent speed but just my ability to stop on a dime and just accelerate out of a cut (has improved.)

Haslett head coach Brad Thomas said, “You carry the ball that many times in a game, and start on defense, you can wear down throughout the game. He was just like ‘Keep putting me out there coach. I’m ready to go. I’m going to keep going. This is my senior year. We’re going to get this done.'”

Even though Amachree is being recruited as a running back, he’s played most of the season from the quarterback position, due to injuries to the other quarterbacks, and being in command of the offense is nothing new for the Division 1 talent.

“(In) six, seventh grade, our quarterback got hurt so I had to play a little bit at quarterback when I was in middle school,” Amachree said. “I kind of have the skills for that, just in past experience, but I just knew I had to step up and just had to get it done.”

Thomas said, “Just the responsibility that comes with it, he has stepped up immensely in getting himself to that level of understanding what everyone needs to do and knowing (he’s) responsible for that as the quarterback.”

The Vikings will face Goodrich in the regional championship game this Friday and Amachree is hoping it isn’t the last high school game he gets to play with his younger brother, and sophomore, Kory Amachree.