Player of the Week: Haslett’s Nakai Amachree thankful for his O-Line

Player Of The Week

HASLETT, Mich. (WLNS) – Haslett’s Nakai Amachree has heard his name called, on the 5th Quarter, quite a bit through the first three weeks of the season. The sophomore running back has found the endzone in every game so far this season.

“I like the feeling I get right when I see that hole, that open space… like when I know I’m going to score,” Amachree said. “We got the best O-Line in the CAAC, in my opinion, and my wideouts throwing me good blocks.”

All of that has led to Amachree’s early-season success, especially the offensive line. Amachree is thankful to have them up front, as is Haslett head coach Brad Thomas.

“They get downfield and do their job,” Thomas said. “So, those explosive plays become part of the extra effort that some of those other guys are putting in especially upfront and on the perimeter,” Thomas said.

Being a sophomore, this is Amachree’s first experience playing varsity football. On top of the offensive line creating holes for him to run through on his way to the endzone, he’s also been pushed by his younger brother, Kory, who’s in the 8th grade and also plays running back for Haslett.

“He works really hard, like really, really, really hard,” Amachree said. “He’s always trying to beat me. He’s always trying to do things better than me. I feel like I’m always pressured to do better than him… like I have to do better than him, because my younger brother can’t be better than me.”

Because of that drive, coach Thomas knew his sophomore was ready to get the start from day one.

“Especially after the scrimmage, and after game one, you kind of seen an improvement in him each week and various parts of running the football,” Thomas said. “He’s come a long way in a short couple of weeks.”

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