HOLT, Mich (WLNS) – Being known as one of the fastest athletes in Mid-Michigan is exactly what Holt’s senior Kellen Reed sought after this season. This past weekend he broke the Holt High School 100-meter dash record when he ran it in 10.69 seconds, making him our 6 Sports Player of the Week.

Next year, Kellen will be playing football at Grand Valley State University but getting the school record in the 100-meter dash was one of his goals before graduating high school. So how does it feel to cross off the record from his checklist?

“It was amazing cause I’ve been wanting to break the record ever since I was a freshman so just finally getting to it…it’s just I feel free…I feel like I don’t have to hustle every single time but I’m gonna get after it every single race,” said Kellen.

Holt senior and close friend of Kellen, Jordon Clerkley, knew immediately when watching the race, that the school record was about to be broken.

“Oh my gosh, I witnessed that, and like it looked like he was moving like Kellen he was just like flowing like he was moving and everybody just knew like yeah that’s the school record that day,” said Jordon.

So now that the 100-meter dash record is his, what else is on the checklist for Kellen and his teammates before their season comes to an end?

“My next goal is definitely to be a state champion…in the 100-meter, 200-meter, and 400-meter so I’m aiming for those ones.,” said Kellen. “Before the season, I didn’t have any thought of it but now seeing that it’s in reach, it just makes me want to work ten times harder.”

“I’m gonna keep on saying like we’re probably the best in the Lansing area and we’re gonna get a state championship,” said Jordon.

“I felt like his success was just, an additional success to the team as well like I love how this team roots for each other and stuff we’re always uplifting each other at practice pushing each other to be better so that was kind of a celebration for all of us pretty much,” said Holt senior Onome Oghor.

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