EAST LANSING, Mich (WLNS) – Basketball players will always have that one game they can look back on fondly as their greatest game ever. For East Lansing’s Ella Miller, her career-high seven three-pointers for 29 points in a District Championship game, couldn’t have been a better time to have her greatest performance. So did she ever envision having a game like that?

“Honestly no, I mean that was always my dream like before the game I really wanted to get 20 (points) and ten (rebounds) for my stat and that was like setting the bar really high for me, and exceeding that goal was never in my plans but I did,” said Miller.

When it comes to the teammates who were playing with her last Friday night, senior point guard Soraya Timms couldn’t have been more excited to see Miller hitting big shots.

“I was just like ‘get her the ball get her the ball, just keep shooting,'” said Timms. “I mean we have full confidence she’s gonna make it every time she touches it.”

When Miller isn’t scoring almost 30 points a game she likes to get out of the gym, get some fresh air, and…

“Play golf,” said Miller. “I love playing golf and I like to play with my dad.”

Miller will be playing basketball and golf at Northwood University next year.

“That school is $45,000 a year, how happy are Ella’s parents right now?” asked East Lansing girls basketball coach Rob Smith. “I guess a message to all the little girls out there would be a pick up a basketball, put down your phone, and get to work and make things happen.”

“It can not be more exciting, but it’s like a big step up,” said Miller. “It’s like, I’m not really playing golf for fun anymore I’m playing it for like a team. So it’s kind of stressful, but hopefully, it’ll all come together when I get there.”