Player of the Week: Morrice’s Wyatt Wesley is a scoring machine

Player Of The Week

MORRICE, Mich. (WLNS) – It shouldn’t be hard for opposing defenses to figure out Morrice’s Friday night game plan. However, teams still find themselves struggling.

That is because senior Wyatt Wesley has turned himself into the guy for the Orioles, and is a real problem when he has the ball.

“He gets the ball probably 65-75 percent of the time,” Morrice football coach, Kendall Crockett said.

The workload Wesley sees per game, led him to 206 rushing yards and five touchdowns on Friday versus Lawrence. Through four games this season Wesley has 761 yards and 18 touchdowns, but he’s as humble as it gets.

“I try not to let it get to my head. I just try to keep playing my game,” Wyatt said. ” I just come out and work as hard as I can. It’s tough trying to be a leader with all these guys on the team. They always come out and push as hard as they can. So, I just have to try and top it.”

When Morrice won an 8-man football state title in 2018, the Orioles were led by senior Hunter Nowak, who broke a school record for rushing yards in a single season, with 2,121. Wesley was a freshman on kickoff duties that season and is looking to top that record now that he’s a senior.

“Wyatt’s one of the running backs, that I’ve seen, that really likes to go after linebacker, defensive linemen, corners, and go right to them and try to put them into the ground, instead of going around them,” Crockett said.

“Watching Hunter Nowak, and then all the other people that were above me, always gave me an idea of what to do. I always just try to follow them and do what I do better,” Wesley said.

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