EAST LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – When joining the wrestling team this season, East Lansing freshman Mya Terranova never envisioned she’d qualify for the state finals in year one.

“That wasn’t even a reality because I wasn’t even planning on wrestling in matches. So, I was not expecting that,” Terranova said.

Over the weekend at Hartland High School, Terranova qualified for states in the 140 lb. weight class, and even though she didn’t think it was a reality at the start of the season, her coach knew there was potential.

“As a coach you just get a feeling sometimes when you come across a wrestler, and I got that feeling with Mya,” East Lansing wrestling coach Tom Woodward said. “She’s very coachable. Whatever I ask her to do, she does it and then does it ten times until it’s perfect.”

The historic season Terranova is having for East Lansing wouldn’t have been possible if it wasn’t for her older brother, Julian, who is a junior on the wrestling team. The day before preseason workouts, Julian simply said to his younger sister, ‘Let’s go. You’re coming with me.'”

“I was thinking about it (joining the team) when I was watching my older brother last year, but that was just a thought in my head. My brother, just like, decided it for me.”

Julian Terranova said, “Me and my parents figured it might not be a bad idea to push her into it. Now look where she’s at.”

Since joining the wrestling team, Mya has dropped down five weight classes. On top of staying in great shape, this season has created an even stronger bond between sister and brother.

“We’ve gotten to understand each other better and it’s been nice to have someone to talk to more,” Julian said.

Mya said, “When he was little, we went to so many tournaments. It was chaotic and I just loved it.”