Player of the Week: Potterville’s Matt Nguyen

Player Of The Week

POTTERVILLE, Mich (WLNS) – When you bet your head coach during a game that you can make a thirty-foot shot, the situation is already interesting. Add on top of that making the shot as your first basket of the season and you have yourself our Player of the Week, Potterville’s Matt Nguyen.

During the game against Saranac on March 12, Matt Nguyen was put in when the game was out of reach. During a timeout, Nguyen bet head coach Jake Briney that if he made a shot from the white line (several feet beyond the high school three-point line) he would get two candy bars. As soon as Matt got the ball he turned and fired for the basket, the ball spinning through the air as the gym got quiet for a half-second until the ball swished through the net and the crowd erupted.

We caught up with Nguyen and Coach Briney on Monday to discuss the shot and what was going through Nguyen’s mind when he was about to take the shot.

“What was going though my mind was I gotta make this shot for those candy bars, honestly,” said Nguyen. “If I was gonna miss, I’d owe my coach one I did not wanna do that. It was sweet honestly, cause that was the first shot I’ve made this whole season, first points so it was pretty exciting.”

“I was just hoping that he had enough legs underneath him because that’s a deep shot,” said Briney. “He had a couple shots last year when he let it go it was straight on and it was hey this has got a chance. To see the reaction of everybody on the bench and our coaches even the coaches that were behind the bench just the enthusiasm of our crowd definitely one of the highlights of our season so far this year.”

Nguyen’s teammates went berserk and the entire Vikings crowd cried out with excitement over the incredible shot. After the game, coach Briney had a bag of Skittles in his hands when asking Nguyen what kind of candy bars he wanted for the bet. Nguyen pointed at coach Briney’s hand and told him he would take the Skittles. Since the bet was for two pieces of candy, Coach Briney brought the second bag of Skittles to practice on Monday to pay the rest of his debt to his senior sharpshooter.

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