DEWITT, Mich. (WLNS). – If you missed Dewitt’s 56-28 win over Fenton on Friday in the District semifinals, all you need to know is Traverse Moore basically made the end zone his second home. The sophomore had 15 carries for 172 yards and set a school single-game record with five rushing touchdowns.

The sophomore also already has an offer from the University of Toledo and if he continues putting up these types of numbers it is looking like that will not be his last. After some key offensive pieces graduated this past year, Moore knew he was ready for the opportunity to rise to the occasion.

“I had a couple couple of talks with Coach Rob Zimmerman just about me and stepping up as a player and a leader on this team,” Moore said. “I wanted to take the role guys like Bryce Kurncz, Matthew Nehf, Blake Haller those guys had. They left a spot where somebody had to step up and I want to take a role in stepping up and and becoming like one of them.”

The multi-sport athlete did admit football is his favorite sport did admit football is his favorite and he is pretty good at it, already collecting 17 touchdowns this season.

“Coach Zimmerman having confidence in me and my teammates having confidence in me kind of gave me a boost in confidence,” Moore said. “Coach came with a good plan that set me up for his success and not only me but my teammates, which really led to that first touchdown, which gave me a big boost of confidence for the others.”