Player of the Week: Why Young is Fowlerville’s lead vocalist

Player Of The Week

FOWLERVILLE, Mich (WLNS) – When you have the last name Young, most people won’t expect you to play basketball like a grown man as a senior in high school. Fowlerville’s Brendan Young is our 6 Sports Player of the Week, for his ability to be the best player on any court he’s played on so far this season.

Brendan is averaging 29 points and 11 rebounds per game but the senior Gladiator is a humble warrior.

“I still got something to prove,” said Brendan. “I’m still overlooked in the area as one of the better players. Just showcasing all the hard work I put in the offseason during the shutdown, just being able to showcase that.”

Brendan’s head coach, Jim Jonas, couldn’t be happier to have a player like Brendan on his team.

“He’s not only the best player I’ve ever coached, he’s the best captain I’ve ever had too,” said Jonas. “Now I’ve had some really good ones, so as soon as you start saying that you kinda belittle some other ones and I don’t mean that at all, it’s just he is just phenomenal.”

Brendan is not only able to get baskets but when opposing teams double him he’s able to get his teammates open to score some points of their own. When Brendan is done playing basketball he wants to help other athletes when they need him most.

“I’ve always wanted to be a physical therapist,” said Brendan. “I’ve had experience with it in the past. I had hip problems (and) knee problems, so I just fell in love with the whole process (of) physical therapy and helping them heal cause I was in their position.”

We had to ask coach Jonas, if he’s ever in the market for a physical trainer would he hire Brendan?

“In a heart beat!” said Jonas. “Not too soon though I want him to keep playing but in a heart beat.”

He’s also got some skills with the microphone.

“You know I’ve had people told me that I’m a decent singer…decent rapper,” said Brendan.

“I will agree,” said senior guard Billy Hutchins. “He likes some Whitney Houston and (if) you’re in the car with him late at night he’ll start singing that. He’ll get in the pitches, high pitch and he’s actually a pretty good rapper he’s pretty good at freestyling.”

The Gladiators hope to continue singing a victory tune behind their lead vocalist as they host Mason on Tuesday night. Tip-off is set for 7 p.m.

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